Der Urheber fordert einen sofortigen Stop jeglicher Spionagetätigkeiten oder Cyberattacken gegen seine Person. - 31.1.2020



I am the author Markus..

This unknown espionage against me,

it is like, that they also, actually would had forced me to talk about this.

If they would not like me to do so,

they would have to stop all their activities against me!

What they never did!

And this would include also this torture with technical, or hitech means,

and their blocking of my work, and the destroying of my work.

So, in the following there is no other way for me but to talk about this truth.

And I think, that they had infiltrated, or even founded

leading companys, organizations, and had the most influence in politics,

in the last over 4 decades, if it was them, or this secret Mr. Unkwown,

I had to think of, and that I had wondered of, my whole lifetime,

which may had not lead, but might had controled all secret organizations,

somehow, with something, that was his major, or only mean,

actually in a kind of simple way,

to influence the "upper world", the worlds states, to maintain

his power, and to succeed.

A golf partner, which may be about 15 years or so away,

once said to me, that we live in a post-democracy now,

and that is, what I thought, too, this time.

And to break possible connections of corruption,

it has nothing to to with a postal-service,

but with a meaning in time, so it could be called "after-democracy".

So after all the tries of democracy, that once,

famous greek philosophers and poets had introduced, these political systems

had tried to live on until nowadays.

But it can not be forced to exist.

So the truth had leaked out, and had finally overtaken its original demand.

This is to me the true challenge for the future.

To find new ways to live together on earth in freedom,

but this time, for the whole planet earth.

But no further attempts alone, on the political stage, even with a seeming worldwide reach,

that could be, in an unkwown way, be, or made be part of this underground spying system.

These people, we do not know, may had tried to form a political establishment.

Maybe, we just could have hoped, that they do not control the whole stuff

of democracy, and the whole major events of braking news, that scribe history,

or even scribe this, or better to say, their history, with new methods of

media usage, and unkonwn, new media production techniques, never been before,




It is „essentially“ about all of this known Music,

known Film Titles and other things, which are

well known and used until today around the world.

And I won’t say a single title about it.

When I was 10 years old, I counted to myself these

Music Hits, and at about 130, I stopped doing this,

and I told myself, never to think about this anymore,

at all. Probably no one could stand this out!

In many cases I actually did not even wanted to do it like this.

It is like an undescribable martyrium, with actually having no life at all.

Why was this always „on screen“ or „on air“ , and who is it ?

Does there exist a secret group since about 1980,

which could be named like NSACIABND & Co. KG or 

International Underground Spy Group (IUSG) , or so ?

I just would please all these famous artists, who had made a wonderful,

grandiose, and perfect job, and who may still be under us,

to have this brave, to tell about it, even if it seems to be too far to late,

but it never is. You are not alone, you are among all the other „Super-Stars“ ,

who may had trusted others, without knowing about the real process, and I am

not only talking about music composings, it is also about the artist names or

artist makings, with these ignition songs.

In film it was in many cases, actually just the title, which was in many

cases a kind of reflection of the current situation, or also the „big-shots“ ,

which could have build up the structure of the film,

but quite surely until 2008 it never was the production itself,

and it was not the action around the film title,

which I always could have wondered of.

No crisis, no pandemie, no international conflict, or other inscenations, and no such events,

which could have spread fear or could have had played with human emotions

in an incredible way, brought to mankind i.e. through broadcasting media,

can retard the truth to come out and make this planet less- or  unsafely.

The unimaginable attacs on my person from outside, or outside in space,

with kind of electromagnetic rays, or sound vibrating impulses,

or rays, which use the attacked brain with like of resonance,

the pain in my brain, because of this, or something, which is like

an to extreme charge of electrostatic capacity in the brain since 2008,  the rush, 

just to name these things, and the resulting unknown „world of profit circus“ , because

of this kind of intimate espionage, are at least the reason to talk about this, like this.

And I will do everything in order to defend my life and my health.

With all the best wishes for a safely planet,

Markus - The Author.

Last updated on 01/31/2023

The Author - Markus, since 01/31/2020.